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And also suddenly, it's almost as though the complexities are diminishing him. He looks less and less pandora charms outlet sale powerful as he settles on the White House. I name it the "principle regarding rising impotence. " The upper you go, the additional structured-in you become. That you're forced to maintain the present system rather than develop it. Hazel: Because you happen to be climbing into a deceased coral reef! The life has migrated beyond it. Jean: Carter's great claim towards presidency was that he wouldn't know the coral ocean, and that he would likely bring fresh life. Barbara: But he's finished up appointing denizens of this old coral reef to his cabinet! Hazel: There may be such a basic contradiction at this time there.
And then there was the rationalization that, "Well, we'll have many of the new voices in the actual undersecretaryships. " I've been asked disney pandora uk several times what role I would play. They wanted me in the form of member of the transition group and each of that. I've been saying an emphatic no! I'm not planning to climb onto the lifeless coral reef and link my hands behind my personal back. Basically, the question is: Can it slide straight down gracefully without hurting a lot of? But it isn't really a decline! The life is all going the gym; it's migrating. Jean: You realize, every era has it is dominant forms. We're shifting now from Homo-politicus along with Homo-economicus to...where? Maybe it's returning to Homo-religiosis in the root meaning — "religio, " that means "to bind. " Barbara: Partnership; to bind back mutually. Jean: Back together, and back up the cosmos. Hazel: Again, it's this molecule-making image that was forgotten when we experienced the all-looking-at-the-dictator mode. Now we're finally school ? to learning how in order to nucleate, to self-organize. Jean: The electricity is moving to the actual countermodels. Hazel: It certainly isn't Washington, which is usually inhabited largely by Neanderthals. Jean: No, not even Neanderthals! Once they were Neanderthals they would a minimum of be sensitive, but they're not; they're pterodactyls! But sensible pterodactyls! Hazel: Oh indeed, they're not dumb. Jean: But are they really as bad since the impression I got from my experience down generally there? Hazel: Well, maybe the ones you have was pretty bad, but I'm sure it's generally true. Jean: Does that imply that to become a fellow member of Congress is automatically to — Hazel: Well, look at the experience you have to go through to come to be a member of Congress. You should lie; you've got for you to deny your inner characteristics; you've got to always be infatuated with power. Jean: The education of any brontosaurus! Hazel: Richard Nixon was the actual manifestation of the process it's important to go through in order to be president. The problem is always that anyone with a reasonably evolved consciousness is required to wonder if they can put themselves suitable pterodactyl suit! [laughter] Hazel: The networking that's taking place , between social-change people right now...thank God the people in Washington don't know about it! There was a conference on networking in Canada recently i was invited to, but I was very suspicious about this. It was a number of typical academic
hucksters — WHEN I thought, with pandora charms cheap my orientation — plus they were going to impale this particular phenomenon: networking! And we were looking at going to map the idea, and they were planning to give it form, and look at the National Science Foundation and acquire grants. The people who network were likely to be guinea pigs; we were holding going to eavesdrop within the network. However, the beautiful thing about social-change networking is they can't do this; all you have to perform is regroup, change the name of the group, alter the phone number numbers, and go in as before. But we were looking at going to intercept the actual chain of command, learn who the leaders will be, find out the location where all the subversive activity is taking place...It's wonderful! They've got many of the wrong images! Besides, there's really a subversive with every family: it's either the wife or the kids.
There is no sequence of command; it's all autonomously self-actualizing humans with the same image into their heads. It's self-organizing hobby. The metaphor that I do believe is important for upon culture that's emerging because of this Logos is the metaphor with self-organization. We know this we're self-organizing systems. We know many conditions of human culture that have been self-organizing, and that retained magnificently complex structures regarding behavior mediation and rules, and that have recently been in perfect balance with their ecosystems. So we have every one of those models of self-organization.
All we don't realize how to do — disney pandora charms and maybe we never will — is to organize ourselves with this amount of what Jean would call prosthetic varieties of technology. Not that we desire to throw away the understanding stock, or degrade the idea, but we do wish to assert our own inborn ability to self-organize, and also to redress that imbalance. One of them of this is that him and i do want to restore the total amount in regulating human habits. If you have workable psychic structures of sanctions, rules, and ways of mediating actions, you don't need whips, firearms, prisons, police forces, and the many rest of it.
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