How can you take care of your eyes?

Not all eye diseases can be prevented, but you can surely take measures to avoid the risk of vision loss. The best laser eye surgeon says that with proper measures and exercises, we can prevent the risk of vision loss at an early age. Something as simple as wearing proper sunglasses or even a annual eye exam can help. If you already have eye glasses, then you can remove your glasses, correct your vision with a lasik surgery in Thane. You need to take care of your eyes after that. 
Tips  to maintain healthy vision:
Wear sunglasses: The simplest thing you can do to have a healthy eye, is to wear sunglasses. It can protect the delicate skin near your eyes . Besides, sunglasses act as a fashion statement too. 
Avoid smoking: Tobacco smoking is directly related to many vision problems.Smokers are at a high risk of developing cataracts also. 
Eat better: A vitamin or mineral deficiency can actually impair your retinal function. When your mom said that eating carrots can improve vision is no lie. Even green leafy vegetables can enhance your vision. Foods with high level of vitamin C, E, zinc and fatty acids can help improve your vision. 
Eye tests: Annual eye tests can always help reduce the risk of several diseases. Based on the observations of best laser eye surgeon, an annual exam can actually help prevent several eye problems. It can even help take preventative measures to improve your vision.  Early intervention actually help. 
Wear eye protection:  Most under protected part of your body is the eye. Sports eye protection or eye protection while on bike is never given much importance. Simply wearing an eye wear can reduce the risk of several eye problems.
Beware of eye fatigue: The surgeons who undertake lasik eye surgeon in thane have noted eye fatigue to be a major cause of vision loss, especially with teenagers and youngsters. WIth the age of computers, our eye is at serious risk. 
If your vision is already impaired, make sure you're wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses of correct number, as your doctor suggested. If you are bored wearing eyeglasses  or lenses, you can contact best laser eye surgeon  in your locality for the lasik surgery. Lasik surgery is a best way to get rid of the boring and unwanted burden of spectacles and lenses. It can even help boost our confidence. This surgery takes not much time and is not at all painful. It may seem costly at the first look, but it is actually a cheaper way, since it completely eliminates the lifetime cost of spectacles or lenses. It is a one time investment worth splurging on. 
Make sure that you take good care of your eye after the surgery. It is a once- a- lifetime surgery, but after the surgery, you need to take care good care of your vision. From eating right to wearing right, everything is essential for proper eye care. You should look away from your computer after every 20 minutes for preventing eye fatigue.
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