The new-type raymond mill saves electric consumption

As we all know, as powder grinding equipment, raymond mill plays an important role in building material, metallurgy, mine, electric, chemical and other industry. At the beginning of the founding of new china, we introduced foreign technology, researched and developed new technology, so raymond mill quickly achieved application and development. In 1990s, the technology of raymond mill has experienced several upgrading and improvement, and the main structure and performance of machine also improved in a large degree.

With the research and development of mining processing equipment, our engineer and mechanic do many efforts to develop the old raymond mill into professional and reasonable compound grinding equipment with high yield and low cost, which also be called modern raymond mill.

According to our experience, the power schemes of raymond mill is always not match with actual motor power, therefore, we choose power schemes with slightly larger motor in general. Then we will formulate shipment and the length of pipe shaft according to motor capacity. As we all know, the power consumption of the load start equipment exist in raymond mill is about 5 times electric used in the production, so the power equipped old-type raymond mill need more normal electric supply, which also highlight the performance of new-type raymond mill.

on November 07 at 09:48 AM

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