Only is the NBA Live Coins superstar


Only is the  NBA Live Coins superstar rapper a "global ambassador" for his hometown Toronto Raptors, Drake attends games courtside all around the league on a consistent basis. And for the home team, that's almost always a very good thing.By our count, Drake has sat courtside at seven Raptors games this year, starting off slow but doubling the total in the past couple of


weeks as he finishes up his forthcoming album Views from the 6 in Toronto. Drake's been to another seven games on the West Coast, as well. In the past,Complex Canada discovered that the Raptors lost more games when he was in attendance. We're happy to report that trend has changed.Here's a complete history of Drake and the home teams he


 roots for losing or (mostly) winning games that he attends courtside. Let me get big shoutouts to Eric Koreen, who started the #DrakeOrNoDrake hashtag;Doug Smith, who carried it on in his absence; and Mark Sandritter, who helped compile the various games. It's possible one or two courtside appearances by Drizzy were missed, so feel free to pass


 those moments along.The Raptors with and without DrakeRAPTORS NBA Live 18 Coins with Drake... without DrakeRecord5-221-5Points scored105.5103.4Points against98.795.5 Other games Drake has attended this yearDATEGAMEHOME TEAM RESULTNov. 7Clippers vs. RocketsLNov. 9Kings vs. SpursLDec. 15Kings vs. RocketsWDec. 16Warriors vs.



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