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This year  Buy MU2 Online Zen represents the least amount of college basketball I've watched in the last 20 years.Sure, I still consume a lot more than the average sports fan. Since college basketball is a major component of my job, I've seen all but one of Ohio State's games in their entirety this season -- shout out to the NIT -- and about 1-2 other big national games a week and


parts of plenty of others. During the past week, I've watched roughly an average of 2-3 games per day. But I'm not sure what it is. Has the NBA's restriction on early entrants -- forcing a venerable one-and-done conveyor belt -- ruined my interest in the non-professional game? Is it just the brain drain of watching a young, raw team like Ohio State stumble against


 teams night in and night out? Am I just getting old?While I struggle through my sports fan existential crisis, let's all make with one very simple fact: the less you know, the better your bracket.Whether you like it or not, we both already know Janice in accounting is taking your NCAA Tournament pool buy-in money. And if your mom lets her dog put a


 bracket together, it's going to make you wish you never Cheap MU2 Online Zen  filled out a bracket in the first place. So maybe watching, at most, just a couple of basketball games a week will be an advantage for me this year.Imentioned a year ago that I loved and championedKen Pomeroy's rankings.When I didn't have an immediate visceral reaction to a matchup this year



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