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What do you need to do that your car accident case is legitimate?

It can be scary to be in a car accident, especially if you aren't known about how to deal with the insurance companies, you may be skipping over the privileges that were reserved for you. Here is a list of things you can do to be in control before you actually choose to go to a car accident doctor.
1. Emergency medical treatment – The very first step after you met with an accident is that you take the treatment immediately. Especially if you are in pain, you need some relaxation before you actually move ahead to take the treatment. If you have been suffering physical problems such as difficulty moving, you won't be able to go to the doctor on the scene. Ask for help from the others in that case. First of all, you will need a report from a car accident doctor that says that you are injured.
2. Photographs – If possible, take some photographs of the scene along with any property damage that may have happened. Keep those pictures saved along with you. This is specifically true in case you were not at fault, but the other person was.
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3. Witness – Get the names, telephone numbers of potential witnesses that may have been present at that time. This isn't difficult through as you can easily have someone talk with you to prove your truth in front of a lawyer. This is especially true in accidents when the other person was at fault.
4. A note from the doctor – In case, you aren't able to work due to accident that you have suffered and it hurts you or creates discomfort, talk to a physician about preparing the medical of the case. In another case, if the discomfort is low, you may choose to work depending on what doctor says about your injury.
5. Statement for Insurance providers – Speak to an attorney first and do not discuss the details of the case with anyone. You must be aware of the fact that you need to provide a statement to the insurance companies to prove the fact that you have been injured. For that, you should have the name, address, telephone number and the fax that would go with your case. 
Also, if it was a car accident, you may get appraisal for it. For that as well, you should have the medical documents which you can obtain from a chiropractor in orange county or a car accident doctor.
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