Lamela reiterated his determination to stay in Tottenham

Lamela reiterated his determination to FIFA Coins stay in Tottenham. Argentine people still receive the favor of Pochettino one year after injury. Inter and the former Roman star have been "rumored" for a long time, and Southampton reportedly desperately wants to rent him off by the deadline of the winter window, but Lamela is pleased to be able to stay. Lamela told the Gazzetta dello Sport: "There is absolutely no difference between Juventus and me.I am only focusing on my current club, I am very happy here, and I also like to live in London."
Lamela joined Tottenham at record-breaking prices in 2013 to replace Bell, who went to Real Madrid a few weeks ago. The winger's first season was tough, but Pochettino later coached Tottenham, and he quickly set himself up as a hard-working figure. His contract expires next summer, and despite all the challenges, he is still happy to be with Tottenham and say he has no reason to leave. He continued: "Pochettino, like me, is Argentine, and he knows it is not easy for a young man to adapt quickly to a completely different cultural environment. From the very beginning I had some Language, injury, style problems.After the first season, many people advised me to give up, but I did not, this is a complete challenge.Now is still here, this is definitely the right choice.
on February 09 at 03:02 AM

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