Manchester United announced the last three months earnings

Manchester United CEO Woodward to FIFA Coins investors released the last three months of 2017 earnings. Club revenue rose 4% to 163 million pounds. Thanks to Manchester United back to the Champions League so that the broadcast revenue increased by 17.3% over the same period last year. Over the past six months, total revenue reached 304 million pounds, up 9.6% over the same period last year. Manchester United expects full-year revenue will be between 575 million to 585 million.
However, total operating expenses rose 12.4% to 136 million pounds. As a result, Manchester United's operating profit for the past three months was 28.7 million pounds. The total salary bonus due to the promotion of the Champions League players rose 9.4% - which did not count the salary of Sanchez - a total of 69.6 million pounds. Commercial income fell by £ 1.4 million, or 2.1%, and game day earnings by £ 1.7 million, or about 4.4%. The club's net debt as of Dec. 31 was 328 million pounds, down 80.7 million pounds from a year earlier.
In addition, due to the tax reform of the United States President Trump, Manchester United suffered some losses. As United States corporate tax decreased from 35% to 21%, United needed to recalculate its deferred tax assets. Under the new tax rate, the taxable assets of the accounting department were depreciated by 48.8 million pounds. However, according to Manchester United CFO Cliff Buddy, Trump's tax reform will benefit United in the long run.
Woodward said: "Our stable business model allows us to invest in the future of the club while renewing the coaching contract with Mourinho and signing an exchange agreement with Arsenal in exchange for Mr. Makhtaliang and Mr. Sanchez, Enhanced Mourinho's offensive options and we look forward with confidence to the rest of the season. "
on February 10 at 03:13 AM

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