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There's a new bridesmaid dress trend for the maid of honour

Traditionally, bridesmaids dress the same but that could all be set to change as there's a new trend on the horizon.
There's a new bridesmaid dress trend for the maid of honour
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The maid of honour is usually top dog and as chief bridesmaid takes on the main organisational duties with the other bridesmaids helping out.
Usually, in a bridal party, you can't tell the difference between bridesmaids and the maid of honour but some brides have decided to mix it up a little bit.
Caitlin Pope is a stylist and co-founder of The Bridesmaid Studio, a luxury bridesmaid dress store in Melbourne Australia.
In conversation with Who What Wear recently, she explained that some brides are now dressing their bridesmaids and maid of honour in completely different looks.
Caitlin says that a common theme is to choose a statement dress for the maid of honour, think sequins, print etc and then decide on dresses in similar colours for the other bridesmaids.
It's also become more popular to introduce a number of colours for the bridesmaid dresses rather than having everyone dress in the same shade.
It isn't something we've noticed a huge amount of in Ireland yet but if you have a look on Pinterest and Instagram, it's clear this trend is getting bigger and bigger.
on February 11 at 06:20 AM

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