Ma Jerez has returned

Leicester City winger Ma Jerez was fined £ 240,000 for FIFA Coins the strike since Jan. 30, and Pauer also confirmed he will miss this weekend's game against Manchester City, but he is not going to decide whether or not to go to Maherrez.
After Leicester refused to accept his offer of Mahrez to Manchester City, his friend said that Maherrez was in a state of depression and reportedly returned to Algeria to stay with his family and friends. At first, Pueel agreed to give him a holiday, but afterwards Ma Jerez said he was very depressed and did not tell his return. Although Leicester City decided to be careful about this complex situation, the board of directors has decided to fine it.
The Times said that now Jerez de la Frontera is ready only at the club to ensure that he can return to the team after the end of the season the transfer of the contract, and may even join the contract fee in his contract.
"I hope Maurez will be back to work with us and the best way for him is to come back and enjoy his football." Ma Jeles is an unbeatable player who loves football and friends Teammates have a good relationship and enjoy his football.
"I think he needs to come back to the game and get in touch with football, which is important, and I hope he'll come back and work hard with the team as soon as we can. I do not want to give details about our relationship. Leave these things inside the club It is important not to be public.
"It's important for players and fans to unite before these difficulties and I want to protect my team, which is the most important thing and I'm impressed with their professional attitude. To me, what's worse is that Ma Jerez loves it He is not just a player who treats football like a job, he enjoys the course and stays after training.
on February 12 at 03:05 AM

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