Arsene Wenger It would be too early to have Obabei Henry

Arsenal's new aid to Aubameyang put on FIFA Coins the gunman's No. 14 jersey, he also compared his style to be a former owner of this shirt - Henry. While gunman boss Arsene Wenger and Tottenham in London before the Derby, said it is still too early to take Oba and Henry for comparison.
(Oba's own style, like Henry's position) is a very good and ambitious statement, Henry is Arsenal's best shooter in history, Auburn Mayan may not scored so many balls for Arsenal, but why not What?
"He was able to run like Henry, but it was too early to compare him to Arsenal's best. He played a game, but Henry was a good follower." The ability is excellent, and if you have scored so many goals over the years, you do not score by chance. "
Wenger also said scoring at the Bundesliga is not guaranteed at the Premier League. "What we observe is that the number of goals scored in other leagues may not be 100% transferred to the Premier League."
"When we played Swansea we were 10-man defense in the last 25 yards, not anywhere else in Europe and now it is even harder to do that with the Premier League."
on February 13 at 05:57 AM

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