Cause of a knee injury is that my game is too big

Today's Bucks star Ioannis-Atokupumbo NBA Live Coins talked about his knee injury in an interview.
"My knee condition is now much better, a group of people are helping me." The doctor told me the problem was due to my competition is too large. This is not a new injury, but I need more rest last summer I I did not have time to rest.After the playoffs, I went directly to the arena to see Kostas and trained him for a week and a half.I did not take a rest and this is the cause of the injury.I will have time to rest after this season. Said Atakonboh.
When asked to play a good first season start again after some time off, Adtokunbo said: "It was not a coincidence. I got a break. When I return to a better state, I want to tell me Team and teammates to show off my strength and they know I feel bad.When I play 40 minutes each game, they will ask, 'How does he feel hurt? He can play.' But I told me My teammates said, "Guys, I'll take a rest for two games and then return in a better shape."
This season's regular season so far, Adecco Kun Bo averaged 37.0 minutes, 27.8 points and 10.4 rebounds and 4.8 assists 1.42 steals 1.34 blocks.
on February 22 at 03:01 AM

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