Golden Goose Sneakers a magazine cover

A. In July, we’ll start creating looks for Madonna’s tour. They’re in rehearsals right now, so I haven’t seen the entire show yet. But I’m working on a whole bunch of storyboards.Q. How do you create ideas for a music tour?

I do understand the appeal of a celebrity on Golden Goose Sneakers a magazine cover, but while I’m intrigued to read interviews featuring stars like Sarah Jessica Parker or Chelsea Handler both of whom appeared on recent covers of major magazines I don’t see the appeal of celebrities in fashion spreads and advertisements.

Go for a neutral sheer that complements your skin tone and add a red, white or blue accent nail before glinting up the tips with some cheerful, American-themed confetti polish. For the full tutorial, check out Gooses Glitter.Bright and Punchy?Image: Pinterest via LuLu*s

“Good Lord, what a hot mess! Thats probably one of the worst Gucci collections of the past few years Between the ruffles that will make anyone look like some kind of abyssal creature, the ugly prints Golden Goose and some shapeless offers, there is nothing to like about this collection.” [Thefrenchy]

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