Will Hernandez ranks first in this year offensive line

The 37 bench presses ranked first in this year's offensive line, and even some fat 348 pounds, have intuitively told the other defender, Hernandez, to be unshakeable. His large body not only occupies more space and thus squeezing each other's rush pass, but also guarantees that NFL Coins few defenders can bypass him. Throughout the season, no one linebacker could break through his protection to kill or even touch Hernandez's quarterback. He also only allowed his quarterback to be chased only three times. At the same time, Hernandez has the ability to move inconsistent with his weight, which can help him keep up with the rush hand. In general, the defensive player he seized is basically the end of this round. The downside is extremely solid and well balanced, and it is almost impossible to be promoted during the cover pass.
The opening of the ball in the offensive game was extremely efficient. Last season's Green Bay Packers' running back, Aaron Jones, averaged 7.74 yards per rush in the final year of the college. In Hernandez. In the end, Hernandez will continue to use his own strength to fight back and torture each other's defensive player. The defender with him is not only defeated again and again, but also has to withstand the counterattack he once again full of strength. s pain.
Compared to this ideal position, Hernandez's height is shorter, his wings are shorter and his hands are smaller. These are inconvenient for his contact with each other after kick-off: if they meet each other If the wingspan is dominant, it will soon be able to withstand his chest. There are times when you are too passionate, too aggressive after kick-off, and with limited wingspan, you may miss a chance to control your opponent's chances. Sometimes the movements are not smooth enough or even clumsy; and sometimes the pace will be stagnant, leaving the opponent's rush space to threaten the quarterback.
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