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Can the blue shirt continue its fiery state

The 2017-18 season NHL regular season NHL Coins continues and the Columbus Blues continue their journey away from Western Canada. They will play in Calgary and challenge the flames that broke in the last month. Tencent Sports will be March 30, Beijing time. At 9 o'clock in the morning you will be watching live video in this game. Stay tuned.
The blue team has been in a state of surprise recently, winning 11 victories in the last 12 games. The last game is even winning seven goals in the case of three goals behind. It currently occupies the top three of the metropolitan area. Hope to advance into the playoffs.
In the frontcourt, one team is Artemi-Panaline partner Pierre Luke Dubois and Kan-Atkinson, and the second group is Alexander Weinberger partner Boone-Jener and Tomasz. - Vannecke, three groups are Sony - Milano partner Oliver - Bj?rstr?m and Brandon - Dubinsky, four groups are Marcus - Hani Canning, Mark - Legestus and Matt Calvert. Panarin and Vanek have 5 goals and 5 assists in the past two weeks, while Atkinson has 7 goals and 2 assists. Although captain Nick Frotor missed due to injury, it seems to have an impact on the team. Not great.
In the backcourt, one set was Seth Jones and Zach Velensky, the other two were Ian Cole and David Savard, and the third was Ryan Murray and Marcus Nudson. Divala. Jones has scored in five games in the past six games, and he will continue to provide strong support for the team's offensive and defensive series. The team's four guards scored more than three points in the past two weeks, making the team well balanced in offense and defense.
In the position of the goalkeeper, the team is expected to send Sergei Bobovsky, who has won 7 games for the team in the past eight starts. He will achieve an average season saving rate of 92.1%. Bringing a great test to the Flames' forward team.
The Flames only won 3 games in 12 matches in March, plus the injury of several main players, and the team has basically decided to leave the playoffs.
In the frontcourt, one team is Michael - Baklunde partner Michael - Florrick and Troy - Braul, the second group is Sam - Bennett partner Curtis - Lazar and Nick - Shaw, three The team is Matt-Yang Kaosky partner Chris Stewart and Michael Fellland, and the four groups are Garnett-Hesseway, Tanner-Grass, and Matt-Sterie. Sean Monahan, Johnny Goodaller and Matthew Tkachak, both of whom were the core players of the Flames' frontcourt, were all injured due to injury. This caused a devastating blow to the team's strikers. In the two weeks of the game, only Felland barely scored four points and the situation was terrible.
In the backcourt, one team captain, Mark Giodanano, partnered with Duke Hamilton, the second team was Chaivis-Harmonica partner Brett Kulak, and the third team was Michael Stone partner Rasmus. - Anderson. Hamilton had 1 goal and 2 assists in the past two weeks and was the best defender in the team.
The goalkeeper position, the team is expected to continue to send Mike Smith. Originally supposed to be a strong candidate for the mvp this season, Smith performed poorly after recovering from injury. He only won 1 game and lost all the games in the past 5 games. The save rate did not reach 90%. If he can't respond in the rest of the season, the offseason team may be thinking about his stay.
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