The most interesting team in this tournament

As a newly established team, the young North American team has also received attention from the outside world. Buffalo Sabre Center Jake Eccle said that this is the first time that the two players under the age of 23 gathered in the training camp. This feeling is strange and funny. .
The North American team is also regarded as the most interesting team in this tournament. In addition to its superb skills, this team is very fast. They may be one of the fastest teams ever.
But the question is: Will the lack of experience mask the advantages of speed? "We'll divide the work in the locker room NHL Coins." North American coach Todd McClellan said, "We will determine who is the leader and who is the follower. I think the players will solve these problems. They are doing this. It's good."
The team's roster includes Johnny Godfrey of the Calgary Flames, the NHL’s top 10 scorer last season, and Brandon Sade of the Columbus Blues, who helped the team twice The Stanley Cup Champion, Connor-Mike Davide of the Edmonton Oilers is also the top offensive player in the league.
If North America advances to the semifinals, then they are likely to run into the United States or Canada. This looks like a match between the University's second team and the school team. In fact, the North American team has enough talent to compete with any opponent. In my case, this is an incredible grouping, and these children in North America are more like a dark horse,” said European team coach Ralph Kruger.
on March 31 at 07:43 AM

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