Rocket Alliance has been confirmed by Tencent

As a game with high visibility and strong athleticism, "Rocket Alliance" has been confirmed by Tencent in April this year Rocket League Items. Domestic players will more easily feel the charm of this eSports game's passion and interest. Tencent also organized players and media to go to the United States to watch the Rockets League RLCS fourth season World Finals, bringing a more intuitive on-site experience for domestic players.
Tencent teamed up with Betta Live and Penguin for the first time in the domestic live broadcast of the Rockets League RLCS World Finals. Domestic players can more easily discuss this world-class competition with their netizens while watching the game Rocket League Keys. The Rocket League has a very popular popularity abroad. There have been more than 36 million people registered and more than 10 million games have been played.
It is reported that the "Rocket Union" national service will launch the first test in December, and domestic players will finally have the chance to experience the style of this game. With the "Rocket Union" of the national service on the line, do not know whether the Chinese players have the opportunity to show a superb operational skills in the global finals, RLCS World League for the Rockets to bring further passion?
on April 02 at 07:45 AM

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