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Brown bear teenager suffered an ankle fracture several months

Even if the Boston Brown Bears seem to NHL Coins be healthy at the right time, they still have to face a serious injury.
The Brown Bears official announced today that defender Brandon Kahlo has an ankle fracture and is planning to undergo surgery this week. He is expected to stay for 3-4 months and hopefully will not return in the playoffs.
Carlo was injured in a game against the Jaguar on Sunday. He fell to the ground in a fight at the end of the wall and was finally lifted off the ice by a stretcher.
“Everyone in the team feels sorry for him. It's also bad for himself." Bruce Cassidy, the brown bears coach, said on Monday that “Karlo was very good in the team and he also contributed a lot on the field. Injury is very sad."
Carlo played in 76 games and averaged 6 assists per game in 19 minutes and 14 seconds per game. The efficiency reached +10. Carlo played 82 games last season. Although there is little on the offensive end, Caro's defensive play at critical moments is quite reliable, and this may be where the brown bear would miss him in the series.
However, the good news is that Charlie - Mcvoy returned to the array, is a supplement to the team's defensive end. Before today they led the lightning two points, still occupying the top position of the Atlantic Division.
on April 05 at 04:21 AM

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