Leipzig and Hoffenheim interested in Schalke midfielder Meyer

Schalke midfielder Mayr's contract will FIFA Coins expire this summer, before he has refused the team's renewal contract twice. Before Mayer and Arsenal and Juventus club transfer rumor spread, according to the German media "Photo" the latest news, the two Bundesliga teams are interested in Meyer.
Leipzig hopes to sign Meyer. Meyer is perfectly suited to meet Leipzig's requirements for the establishment of the team. In the meantime, as Keita is about to join Liverpool, Leipzig hopes to strengthen its position in the midfield. In addition to Leipzig, Hoffenheim is also interested in Meyer. Mayer's agent Wittmann has very close communication with the two clubs and is also the agent of multiple players in the two clubs (Sabikit, Orban, Rupp).
And Hoffenheim midfielder Amiri was also concerned by Leipzig and Schalke.
on April 06 at 03:26 AM

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