Manchester City Champions League still advances

Although Manchester City lost to Liverpool in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League 0-3, but captain Compagni warned Liverpool to be ready to FIFA Coins  meet Manchester City's counterattack, they can reverse at home, even if they need to get 5 Goals, they will do their best.
Kompany said: "We have another chance in the Champions League and we need to complete the reversal to advance. However, we still have many opportunities in the Premier League. After the Manchester City Derby, we have six games to complete the championship. What will be the result of Saturday's game, and we will all be back here to complete our unfinished Champions League career. Now, no one in the team thinks that Manchester City's Champions League is over and nobody has one.
“We have to accept the consequences of failure. This is football. We lost 3 goals in a very short period of time. We made a lot of mistakes. It shouldn’t be. However, opponents may also appear in the next round of matches. Case."
In the second half of the game, Manchester City sieged Liverpool's goal and created several threatening opportunities, but none scored. Despite this, Kompany still believes that Manchester City has enough firepower to achieve their goal: "Because of this, I believe we can create more opportunities. We can dominate the entire game like the second half. In two rounds It's not terrible to lose 1 ball in the first leg of the game.We understand this reason and we hope to achieve it.But at the end of the halfway, you discovered that an insurmountable mountain appeared before you. Things should not happen at all. "
The performance of Manchester City in the second half gave Kompany a strong confidence: "I'm very confident about the next round of the game. We scored many times in the opponent's restricted area in this game, but I didn't have the same scoring efficiency as I used to. I Make sure the same mistake doesn't happen.If we need to score 5 goals in the second round, then we'll be so proud of our team throughout the season.At Anfield, Manchester City has been in more than 90 minutes. We haven't played our own strength and we shouldn't have shown that. For a long time, we let the opportunity slip away from us. "
At the same time, Kompany also urged Manchester City fans to give the team maximum support: "The fans are everything and I hope to see fans support us. The next round match on Tuesday will be a big battle. The fans are also the war. As part of this, we must now deal with the competition in a hard way, and fans can play a huge role.”
The second game of doubles will be held at Etihad Stadium on April 11th at 2:45 am Beijing time.
on April 06 at 04:31 AM

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