The car pushed the giant football

U.S. media giant NBC Universal’s NBC Sports announced in July this year that it will cooperate with FACEIT, the platform for competition, and developer Psyonix, to organize the Rockets League 2v2 Championship with a total prize money of US$100,000. Josh Watson, head of gaming at Psyonix, said: "Our Rocket Alliance ecosystem is thriving. We are looking forward to expanding into NBC Sports' audience.
Rocket League is a very easy-to-understand game, so it is also particularly suitable for introducing eSports to fans of all ages and backgrounds. "For those who have never been in contact with this game Rocket League Keys, the Rockets Alliance is basically football, but the people who play football are replaced by rocket-driven cars, and the football stadium is completely closed. The players control themselves. The car pushed the giant football into the opponent's goal as many points as possible in the five minute mini-game.
on April 06 at 08:47 AM

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