For the Philadelphia Eagles

For the Philadelphia Eagles, despite the accusations of Michael Bennett due to off-site issues, the addition of Bennett and Harold Ngata has allowed the Philadelphia Eagles' defensive line to have top-level standards and personnel. Depths, if the two players can guarantee their toughness in the new season, then the Philadelphia Eagles will never miss the wave of Allen and Pooh-Curi who joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
At the same time, the Philadelphia Eagles have made great strides in catching the ball. They sent Torre Smith to the Seattle Seahawks and signed free-throw receiver Mike Wallace to NFL Coins know that Mike Wallace had lost the ball. The problem, but his total number of catches is great and the price is still cheap.
However, the loss of powerful running Le Garrett-Blount, forward Brett-Selek, and Teri-Barton were relatively injured, but the most injured eagle was cornerback Patrick Robinson's departure. The Hawks can hardly find such a good corner guard. He is a cornerstone of the Hawks' second-line defense. Although the Hawks have free markets and drafts to operate, Robinson's position is still difficult to supplement. Overall, however, the Hawks were successful in the first wave of the offseason. The addition of Bennett and Mike Wallace has allowed the Philadelphia Eagles to remain strong while retaining their original base.
on April 07 at 02:16 AM

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