Wagner I also thought about giving up

Bayern Munich striker Wagner said that after two victories in ten years, he was filled with emotion.
Wagner, 30, scored another goal in the match against Augsburg and helped Bayern lock six consecutive championships in advance. This is also the second league he has personally won since 2008.
In an interview, Wagner said: "This time I feel better because I've participated more. I scored a few balls and said some jokes in the locker room. I feel good and I'm more mature. So I can enjoy it more."
In the ten years between the two championships, Wagner wandered around Duisburg, Bremen, Kaiserslautern, Hertha Berlin, Darmstadt and Hoffenheim. The winter break returned to the origin of his dream.
Wagner said: "I have thought about giving up for so many years, but now the result is very good. I am very glad to go home. I experienced a lot of things that are not smooth, so I can now rationally evaluate everything. The competitive situation is very satisfactory."
on April 10 at 04:09 AM

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