Beckham and management have been very unhappy recently

Each year, the New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning brings his little brothers to Duke University for a few days of private training, where they will run, pass training, etc. This year is no exception. . According to Madden Coins an ESPN reporter. In this year's private training, almost all the giants of the Giants were present. Even Peyen Manning, the young Manning's older brother, came to the scene, but he did not see Little Ordell-David Beckham. Can not help but let the fans talk about one after another.
Beckham and management have been very unhappy recently and have been at the forefront of trading rumors, and this is not the first time David Beckham has missed the small manning training at Duke. As the team's number one receiver, Beckham's absence led the public to suspect Beckham's contract status and loyalty to the team. According to him, he is currently recovering from injuries in Los Angeles, so it is not convenient for him to participate in this training.
on April 11 at 02:15 AM

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