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Photograph of lacquer

rpentry lacquer Issue date: 2002-6-24 origin: Photograph of lacquer of carpentry of ability in swimming is told to solvent carpentry lacquer, its raw material basically is best outdoor decking material water, avoided a lot of harmful organic dissolvent thereby volatilize and release, can say to have very big effect to environmental protection. At present domestic and international a few big companies improve a technology ceaselessly, a few fu

nction that so ability in swimming paints already can follow photograph of common dissolvent paint to compare almost. As we have learned, the polyurethane lacquer on the market, nitro- installing plastic wood flooring lacquer is traditional product, because of its time of low-cost, construction is short, it is the mainstream product in carpentry paint. But because can release much harmful material, have the tendency that is replaced by the lacquer of

arpentry of ability in swimming of environmental protection health consequently. Lacquer of carpentry of ability in swimming appears at going up in abroad century at the compare composite decking prices beginning of 90 time, already had manufacturing history of more than 10 years up to now, but in home or a kind of burgeoning carpentry lacquer, use the issue that recently also is 9 years on carpentry. Because paint the project is the project with.

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