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all the time for years the reliance of cost of installing deck boards consumer. Authority of national statistic bureau released ~ 2001 1999, emperor is 4 years continuously like series product in countrywide congener product sales volume the first, 1 million client makes emperor leads a brand like the trade that makes be worthy of the name. Current, holy elephant is a concept with international brand and innovation science and technology, had had an

Asia the first with the product line of exterior waterproof wpc wall panel aggrandizement wood floor with top-ranking international, year stable productivity achieves 15 million square metre. In the meantime, because holy elephant expands of dimensions ceaselessly, purchase in raw material, the crucial aspect such as equipment engineering capability and treatment precision gained the advantage that comparative, Cost Of Putting In A Deck built in sale and service respect deeper

vaster network, make emperor resembles the capacity that has customer of faster and efficient service. According to holy elephant author and presiding apparitor Mr Peng Hongbin Production Composite Wood Floor Hause introduces, this autumn day activity is calendar year comes activity that far-reaching sense has most in management activity of floor of wood of holy elephant aggrandizement. The target that emperor resembles is the can develop continuously way

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