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market potential of solid wood flooring

News Network-Chengdu Evening News had its eyes on “Eleventh,”interlocking planks for garden paths although it has not yet reached the peak season in the traditional sense, but the wooden floor market also interprets fierce competition, with solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, and composite flooring.[url=]floors covering for composite floors outdoors[/url]Alluring Golden Weeks use their respective strengths to attract consumers' attention. Solid wood floors adhere to the high-end It is understood that there are many

brands of wood flooring on the market in Chengdu.waterproof plastic decking There are nearly 100 brands of light-enhanced wood flooring, large and small, and the cruelty of competition is evident. The price of laminate flooring is a drop. The drop, so far, mostly in the 65 yuan to 100 yuan per square meter.[url=]evernew vinyl deck retail[/url] Some time ago, there was even a certain brand of laminate flooring with an ultra-low price promotion of more than ten yuan. Due to the Chengdu people's

consumption level,patio privacy fence seattle the competitive advantage of strengthened wood flooring in terms of price has emerged, and its market share is slightly stronger than solid wood flooring. On the other hand, solid wood flooring is still not a price war, due to the special nature of raw materials and natural environmental protection, solid wood flooring adhere to the high-end line. According to an industry insider,[url=]deck steps finishing[/url] solid wood flooring has entered the market

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