He is most likely to miss most of the playoffs before he is injured

The performance of the original strong backcourt in the regular season was hardly ideal, although Hampstead Lindholm continued to play well on both ends of the offense and defense. He scored 31 points in 69 games and partnered with Josh Mann. Sen scored 37 points in 80 games, but Kan-Fouler, who was the top player, only got 32 points in 67 games. Compared to the team's expectations for him, he missed the end of the season. He is most likely to miss most of the playoffs before he is injured. This will undoubtedly bring a lot of blows to the Ducking team whose offensive and defensive performances have declined.
However, duckling team position this season, the performance of NHL Coins the goalkeeper is very eye-catching, 24-year-old teenager John - Gibson in the case of injury affected by this season played 60 games, scored 31 wins, the average save rate of 92.6%, the final of the regular season At the juncture, relying on his daredevil performance, the duckling team became a player. He also won the best Samsung player of the week with excellent performance. This save rate ranks third among all goalkeepers who have played more than 40 games. Substitute Ryan Miller's performance was similarly strong. In 21 starts, he scored 12 wins for the team and the save rate reached 92.8%. Can the two players play well in the playoffs? 

on April 13 at 03:26 AM

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