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Seeing the teams fragile defense in such a strong dialogue

Seeing the team's fragile defense in such a strong dialogue, nobody can still not worry about defending the championship in the prospects of the playoffs. At the same time, the team that beats the fans' nerves is also playing against their opponents. When the nerve knife general ventilation performance. Their success rate of NHL Coins only 77.3% between October and November prevented their opponents from scoring hard. Between November and February, their success rate in this technical statistic soared to 88.1%, but they arrived. Before the start of the playoffs, it dropped sharply to 69.6%. The magnitude of the trajectory change is like riding a roller coaster. This also made them the best record of the season on the road to the second place in the playoffs. They were only able to take 17 games away from home in the PPG Paint Arena.
Interestingly, when compared to the team's extremely unstable performance in the face of an opponent's strong play, the penguin's special service team is unusually well-placed when it comes to opportunities for strong play, and often can grasp the opportunity to score goals. The team's strong scoring rate as high as 26.2%, setting a record in the team's history, and easily dominate the league. How to take advantage of this huge advantage to build confidence and allow opponents to do defensive moves. They have doubts in the fight and are not so fierce and determined. This is very important to play in the playoff level competition. The point.
on April 16 at 03:14 AM

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