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2002-3-3 origin: Our country has more than 30 thousand furniture to produce a business machinery of treatment of many 500 lumber produces a business. Manufacturing lumber recycled plastic lumber suppliers in pembrokeshire machines machinery to be low price product more, wait like average planar planing machine, circle electric saw, machinery of numerical control technology and the machine of a few careful treatment that furniture production needs appear lack very much.

And production value amounts to year of mechanical to numerical control, robot and advanced and careful treatment are inflexible demand on the market 5 billion yuan of RMB. wpc wall panel market overview 2018 Congener product of Japan is compared in China costly, have the market hard, and the medium and small businesses of Taiwan is certain mainland labor cost is low with market potential large dominant position combines investment to run a plant,

formed competition. As a result of cheaper than value of Japanese congener product close half, held vantage ground in the market so. At the same time Korea also begins to enter market log paneling interior of Chinese wood machine. Does flowers of the afforestation after policy of artificial commercial forest publishs the Fujian Province appear new change: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Flowers of the

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