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making everything feel cluttered

used, and where they will be placed. A maintenance plan is also important, as this upkeep is what ensures the garden will give pleasure for years to come. Design aspects that are important include things such as colour scheme, shady versus sunny, soil type, and accessories. It is the details that make the difference. For example, a well placed bench or

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walk way can bring a feeling of peace and enjoyment, but if placement of these types of accessories are not carefully planned, they can end up making everything feel cluttered and chaotic. The key is to plan well and place accessories based on what works in the particular garden. This may include stone pillars and winding walkways, or it may be only a

simple bench in a shady place to sit and enjoy the beauty. Garden maintenance is also very important, as a poorly maintained garden gives a very poor impression. This is important regardless of garden type or size. A garden should be kept neat at all times of the year. This means keeping hedges trimmed, weeds pulled, and any stray rubble is

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