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Garden is not functionally practical

architecture began in Europe and the trend was spread to the other parts of the world, at a later stage. Basically speaking, modern architecture is only functional and not decorative. The modern architecture specifies structural mass buildings and ensures ordered surroundings. It is true that garden planning has not subjected to modern style, when

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compared to the changes and styles developed in respect of architecture of buildings. This is because, that traditional material and practises have not changed much as far as gardening is concerned. Garden is not functionally practical, but of decorative in nature. Since garden is nothing but a natural field, containing natural elements, such as plants,

flowers, etc. it is not possible to follow the characteristic of modern architecture. Modern Designing of the Garden During these modern days, plants are arranged in a garden in new forms to suit the scales and proportions of the newly constructed buildings of the modern era. People like to provide space in a garden, which could be used to suit our social

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