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diverse professionals such as architects

space when houses are being built. Multi-storeyed buildings, high rises, small roads, condominiums, etc, are making their mark so that people have enough space to live as populations grow. Amidst these constraints, the need of a garden design has to be planned and carried out to precision. The experts who are intimately involved in the design

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process need to have a high level of skill in horticulture layout and landscape designing. Many gardeners are taking courses to become proficient in this area. Home owners are also becoming involved in garden designing these days and certain styles like somekeyword have sprung up. Much of this is attributed to the undersized space of housing in

crowded cities. Also, the pastime of gardening is growing more into the design aspect as well. An extension of garden design is found in the large housing complexes and colonies that are being newly built. Real estate promoters and developers are building houses and residences to people with built in garden areas, which are designed to have fountains,

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