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generally, and national policy has the regulation of proclaimed in writing, if the enterprise still has production according to the same old stuff, undoubted meeting walks along blind lane; composite panel fencing suppliers in ireland On the other hand, live as the enterprise development and establish brand reputation surely the road of classics, quality control also is crucial place. Not hesitate heavy gold is done rectify and reform Of new standard carry out

carry out, original to the enterprise pull current Cheng raised brand-new requirement, this involves the investment of a good deal of capital inevitably. Although control cost all through thebenches made out of composite decking boards ages strictly,be the important or urgent business that manufacturer interior runs, but can enter a sale to sell for his product after July 1, still bite gnash one's teeth! The company that for the most part already the product passes

attestation confide sound of this of one mind. Ceng Zhaorong of manager of 3 limited company of Guangzhou says, to carry out new " 10 standards " , by begin by last year, advantages and disadvantages of hollow clay floors 3 our company are cost 200 much, the total production technological process of the product line of 5 kinds of big paint such as the polyester that manages this, polyurethane undertook rectifying and reform. Additional it is reported, for

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