Totti gives Roma 10 jerseys to Clau

According to the British media "Daily Mail",two powerful gladiators,Russell Crowe and Francisco Totti,met in Rome recently and the place where the two met was Rome's most iconic building."The Roman Arena."
Russell Crowe and Totti had long been sympathetic to each other.In 2000,Crow became famous for starring in the epic gladiator Gladiator.In this meeting,Totti sent Crow with the number 10 Maximus.(Romans jersey with the role of Crow in the film).
Crow was called the gladiator because of the great success of this film,and Totti was also known as the Gladiator because of his 25-year career in Rome.He even had a gladiator on his arm.
In an event at an international help organization FIFA 18 Coins on Wednesday,Crow saw Totti.He said:"Franksco was really awesome.A few years ago,I had the honor to meet him and we took some pictures together.His career is very brilliant,and in the time of communicating with him,I can feel that he is a great man!"
Totti personally handed over the jersey with the Maximus name played by Gladiator Gladiator,and it is worth mentioning that even though Rome did not retire Totti's No.10 jersey,no one used this number last season.
The Roman prince is now the club's manager.Last season his team scored quite well and reached the UEFA Champions League semifinals,behind Juventus and Naples in Serie A.
on June 11 at 03:22 AM

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