The media army is waiting to enter the gate of the ice rink

The media army is waiting to enter the gate of  NHL 18 Coins  the ice rink. I believe everyone is feeling very excited and waiting for the opening of the roller shutter doors. Everyone is fortunate enough to be part of this history. The process of going through the passage is long and the time seems to be stagnant here. Along with the gloom at the end of the darkness, it is the cheers of the capital's fans. They have spent a lot of money from Washington, DC, even coming in all directions. It is a precious memory for them.
There is no doubt that the swiftly advancing media are just like the Tigers coming out and heading straight to Ovi?kin. The Russian god of war hasn’t responded and was surrounded by long guns and cannons set up by the media. Into any gap. As a media person reporting on ice hockey, no one would be willing to miss this historic moment. Facing the camera, Ogilvy was flushed. "This evening is too special. I cannot describe my feelings in words. It is unbelievable. “Opao, talking and choking, tears in his eyes, but the tough man still did not let tears slip from his eyes and maintained his consistent cold image.
on June 13 at 03:05 AM

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