Its hard to imagine another advertising medium

  The aerial advertising companies think that airplane messages are incredibly worthwhile. Advertisers might be enchanted with the novelty of having their ad flown over a busy beach or festival.

  But what do consumers think? It would seem a waste for advertisers to spend a good deal of money on advertising that wont be worthwhile, LAMINATED TARPAULINthat consumers wont respond to, that wont bring customers and money to the door.

  Advertisers will be happy to know, then, that consumers think highly of aerial advertising. They enjoy watching the banner ads, and they remember the ads long after they are gone.

  In 2004, a Miami Beach survey of 2,194 beachgoers backed this up. After seeing airplane messages in the sky, they were asked some questions blockout tarpaulinabout the advertising. The results were interesting and useful to potential aerial advertisers.

  Other forms of advertising might be remembered for a short period of time, especially if the message is unique, but most consumers dont recall the information for very long.

  So whats enlightening is that in the survey of beachgoers a stunning majority of people not only remembered the banner ads they saw, they remembered them for a long period of time.

  Beachgoers were asked if they remembered the banner that passed over in the past 30 minutes. The response? 88% of them had. Its hard to imagine another advertising medium that could boast of 88% of the people remembering it 30 minutes later.


on June 14 at 02:31 AM

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