According to Yahoo Sports reporter Michael Lee

According to Yahoo Sports reporter Michael Lee, Warriors forward Kevin Durant received an interview after winning his second career FMVP. Regarding what the outside world has called the "Durant ruined the NBA," Durant said: "I'm responsible for my own games and myself, but I don't care about the NBA. It's their job. They've earned it. With so much money, they didn't pay me enough money to influence the NBA. If that blames me, I should make more money. My responsibility is to NBA Live Mobile Coins take responsibility for any team that I play for. Other things It's all yours."
“The Bay Area made me become myself. The city is blended with me and the team allows me to do the same thing,” Durant said. “When I'm healthy, what I want to do is I polished my game skills, enjoyed the game and didn't have to worry about other things. This place gave me that opportunity. For me, this is playing, improving games, playing games, and not having to care about other superstars that need to be cared for. The best place."
on June 14 at 03:10 AM

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