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While women were wholesale halloween costumes experimenting with swimsuits



Glamorise was technically the first wholesale halloween costumes brand to create the sports bra in 1975, but one has to say "technically" because it wasn't much different from the white cotton brassieres women clasped on to run errands, not marathons. Dubbed the "Free Swing Tennis Bra," it didn't do much for those that wanted to go further than playing badminton or going sailing.

It was a tennis bra, and it had wholesale swimwear a little rose bud applique in the front  it looked really, really girly. I think what made it a 'sports bra' was that it had a wicking fabric and cushions in the shoulder straps," Dr. Lawson recalls. "It's said the product failed because retailers were just not ready to accept sports bras as a category, but I think it also was because there was't enough of a difference."

If a woman bought it, she might not recognize that it was swimwear manufacturers something separate from the lacy number she bought in the underwear section at her department store. "What is amazing about the original Jogbra was that it was so radical from a structural engineering point of view. It worked so differently that a woman would put it on and realize this really did what she needed." And dainty lingerie with rose buds on the band just didn't.

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