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Wopet : Hide your dog's rewards so he does not get bored when he's alone

One of the most common problems that owners have with their dogs is that they get very bored when they leave them alone at home when they go to work. And as we know, when a dog gets bored is when wopet begin to see destructive behavior. Hence, many of you have been victims of coming home and finding garbage thrown all over the house or finding your toys with the stuffing outside or your favorite shoes shredded.

One way to avoid these behaviors is to leave something to the dogs that keep them busy so they do not have much free time to plan mischief. If you are looking for an activity that mentally stimulates your dog, a treasure hunt may be the best option for your dog to have something entertaining and exciting to do when you are away from home.

A treasure hunt?

Yes, all you need is to have at hand some prizes that make your dog crazy with emotion.

Choose at least 5 places in your home to hide the prizes. The places you choose should not be places where your dog can destroy something in the search for the prize. For example, do not even think about putting the prize down from a cushion in the lounge chair because your dog can be so excited that he can destroy it just to find the prize.

Some places can be under your plate, inside your house, under the entrance mat or even in some corners of the house.

The first thing you have to do is teach it to play , do not think that if you put the prizes by magic, it will look for them. You have to make him know that you are leaving treasures for him at home and that there are certain places where you will put them so that he gets used to looking for them there.

So without him seeing you, he hides the prizes . Then go for it and tell it an instruction that can be something like "Search" or "Go find" and direct it to the first place and show it the prize, do not give it, just let it detect it with your nose or if you do not see it, bring it closer When you take it, spoil it a lot so that you know that not only does it take a prize for the belly, but also sweethearts for the heart.

Repeat this a few more times in the following days so that your dog knows that when you say the command means that there are hidden prizes.

So, when your dog already knows the command you can hide the prizes and just give him the instruction before you close the door of the house so that your dog stays busy looking for the prizes that are there for him.
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