The Lord is on Your Side (The Odds Are For You)

Do you feel like the odds are against you today? Maybe you’re facing a difficult situation that doesn’t look like it will ever get any better. Or, you’ve prayed diligently for God to answer a specific prayer, but nothing is happening.

Joel wants to open your eyes and show you in this message that something is happening. God is at work in your life and has a plan—His divine plan—to show out in your life and reveal His incredible favor and goodness in your life. But, you have to do your part and trust in God’s timing and plan. Release your faith, raise your expectancy and watch how God will miraculously turn your darkest hour into your greatest hour as the odds are shifted in your favor.

This is part of Message #712, "The Odds Are For You", by Joel Osteen. For more inspirational videos. For more inspirational messages, visit
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