20 Marketing plan tips: how to write a marketing plan with free template and example

Here are my courses with marketing plan template and examples.

Marketing strategy to reach 1,000,000 people (has a marketing plan template and marketing plan example):

Business plan course which has a marketing plan template and example in it as well (same as in the marketing course above):

In this video tutorial I explain how to write a marketing plan, present it in a way so you can have a template, and at the end of the video I give an example of how I created the marketing plan for my own business.

Here are the sections that you should have in your marketing plan template:
1) Brief explanation and overview of your company
2) Your company's unique value proposition, sometimes referred to as UVP
3) Your company's budget
4) Dates and deadlines
5) Marketing team
6) Competitive analysis and an explanation of how you will out-compete your business competitors
7) Marketing strategies that your business will implement
8) Your target market and your target market size

A marketing plan with the above 8 sections would be a well structured document. But your business hardly needs a properly structured and formatted document. What your business needs is the best possible course of action for your business.

What would make it a very good plan for your business is if the marketing plan had as good as possible execution strategies of the actual promotional tactics that will be carried out. That is the real measure of quality and worth of this document.

My marketing and business plan course have a marketing plan example that I used for my business. What is good about it is that I talk about my own strategies in hindsight after having implemented those strategies. This way I can show what works and what doesn't work, and have real-world data and experience to back it up. Give my courses a try. They will help you write a business plan for your company, start your business, and teach you how to effectively promote your business and grow it long-term.
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