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Do you love Slender and all the games that go "Boooo!" in your face every ten seconds? Is your brain on vacations when you're playing horror games? Well, then get the hell out, this isn't for you! This is a top where games actually have a storyline to them, making you use your brain as much as getting scared to death. These are horror games for the clever masses. This is our Top 10 RPG Maker Horror Games 2013!

Script and Video Editing: VĂ­tor "Alexkayl" Braz
Voice Work: Skylent Shore

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Games on this Top:

10- Hidden in the Shadows 2

9-One Night Full Circle

8- Schuld

7-Ao Oni


5-The Crooked Man

4-Yume Nikki

3-Mad Father

2-The Witch's House

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