Power Of The Law Of Attraction: Mind Movie!!

The universe is conspiring to help me succeed!!

It's absolutely amazing and this stuff actually works. So for anyone who is starting out on the journey of using the power of the Law of Attraction - keep the faith! There's more to the law than the movie "The Secret" revealed. A good book I recommend is Ether & Jerry Hicks' - "Ask and it is Given". Make a mind movie for yourself so you can visualise your own goals more easily.

For the non-believers out there... about one year ago I started opening myself up to the universe to recieve my life partner - my soulmate. I had to break through some subconscious blocks first to really really open myself up completely to recieve - but once I did - he came - instantly!! Now it's 7 months strong
He is an absolute joy and I'm so lucky to have him. We are both very independent people but we treasure each other so much. It's important to have your own goals and aspirations when you're in a relationship. We're there to support each other and share the journey together. It always happens in the most crazy way - we are both physiotherapists and we're born on the same day!! How crazy is that!

Anway, my point is - the law of attraction is real. Once you open yourself up and try it out, you'll be amazed at the "evidence" it gives you. The universe actually delivers. Then it gets really scary cos you realise oh my gosh i can have anything i want. It's important to be careful what you wish for cos it will come true! When i first tested out The Secret (after I watched the movie) i was blown away. But then, you know what, i didn't ask for anything for about 9 months cos i knew it would happen and i actually didn't know what i wanted.

So making this mind movie has been a HUGE journey for me. Actually thinking about and writing down my goals and aspirations. I am watching this movie everyday and I get SO excited when 'let's get loud' comes on the radio! It helps me connect back to my dreams.

How come this works? Your subconscious mind works in images - so that's why people say after you write your goals down - do a visualisation board (or a mind movie) and hang it in your room so you can look at it everyday. It creates the feeling of joy and anticipation - how will the universe deliver this to me. Get excited!! The universe is very creative and it will suprise you just how perfectly things unfold.

I love researching how I can be the most powerful and inspired being possible - all the body-mind-soul stuff that connects to me to the Universe and the divinity within and everything around me. This is where I am in my element. I didn't realise that this is why I was drawn to study health initially - I'm now a physiotherapist. I always knew that there must be more to the human body than just what we can see and touch. The mind and soul have so much to do with how we are physically. Once all three are aligned - body-mind-soul - we can each become the most expansive, beautiful being we were born to be - and living our life's passion!

Good luck with making your dreams come true and living the life you were born to live!!
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