US Regulators Threaten Huawei Customers | New Chinese Tech Ban

The U.S. government is now increasing pressure against local companies that do business with Huawei. This pressure is not limited to the United States -- from South Korea to Jamaica, small countries around the world have felt the heat of aggressive U.S. pressure as American dignitaries travel the globe to push back against Huawei's expansion.

So is Huawei a threat to national security? Are they working with the Chinese government to take over the Internet and suck the strength and opportunities out of local economies? No.

Huawei is banned in less than 20% of the world's countries. Even in places where Huawe is banned, they can still sell phones and even network equipment through secondary market channels. If all Huawei equipment was just spyware, they wouldn't be allowed in other countries at all.

The media, government, and local industry leaders are saying that Huawei is a tool of the Chinese government and is a very serious threat that can shut down the Internet, steal all data, and hack the power-grid, economic information, defense facilities, etc. However, the main reason Huawei is facing so much resistance from the authorities is because they simply don't want a Chinese tech company to be successful.

Incumbent leaders around the world dread China's rise and wish they would go back to manufacturing T-shirts. That's not going to happen. Western companies are now paying license fees to use Chinese intellectual property. Huawei is building a better connected world on the strength of their countless patents. Now that the majority of innovations come out of China, the rest of the world needs to get ready for a future with Chinese characteristics.

Yes, Huawei has been caught bribing government officials, hacking, and so on, but they don't do that every day, and for big companies, that's a normal part of business. They are building a better connected world; you will enjoy the omelette they are making, so please understand if they break a few eggs in the process.

Also, when Huawei gets caught spying or breaking some other laws they typically pay a fine or apologize. A fine is reasonable; banning Huawei or otherwise preventing them from expanding into new markets is unreasonable. We should let Huawei have a chance to do the right thing. We should trust that Huawei will strive to correct any wrong thing they have done. Just give them a chance.
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